• Print Release « PEACE UNLEASHED » 26th March 2016 23/03/2016 - Africa - Congo - Freedom - Liberty - Love is not dead - Peace - Prints - War

    Goin’s new print « PEACE UNLEASHED » will be available on Saturday 26th March 2016 on
    Based on Goin’s painting made in Congo Kinshasa in 2014.
    Printed in collaboration with Dr. PAPER & Mr. TEE.

    This is a call for Freedom for all the child soldiers in North Kivu in Congo and all around the world !


  • Print Release “Droned Peace” 17th September 2015 20/08/2015 - Drone - Peace - Politics - Prints - War

    Goin’s new print « DRONED PEACE » will be available in 4 different colorways: PINK, BLUE and OLIVE on Somerset Satin White 250 gr/m² paper and WHITE on Somerset Velvet Antique 250 gr/m².
    Each colorways is limited to 25 pieces and 3 artist’s proofs.
    Printed with love and passion by Dr. PAPER & Mr. TEE.
    The prints will be released on Thursday the 17th September 2015 on

    Goin - DRONED PEACE - Prints 2015Goin - DRONED PEACE - Prints 2015Goin - DRONED PEACE - Prints 2015

    Title: Droned Peace
    Medium: 3 colors hand pulled screen print on Somerset Satin White 250 gr/m² and Somerset Velvet Antique 250 gr/m²
    Release date: 17th September 2015
    Sizes: 50 x 50 cm
    Artist’s proof: 3 pieces
    Limited edition: 25 pieces signed, numbered and dry stamped by Goin
    Certificate of authenticity: Each limited edition comes with a certificate of authenticity signed, numbered, dated and dry stamped by Goin