• HAPPY EASTER RIOT 25/04/2011 - News

    On 21st April, 2011, there was a riot in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, because the police entered an established squat, named ‘Telepathic Heights’, with the intention to evict the residents. SNOW WHITE TOOK PART OF IT !
    In this hard days where freedom of speech is fading away more and more each day, “WE” the people have to stand up and shout for our liberty. Hopes to all the artists who are persecuted in the world !!!

    3 days later Panpan the rabbit resurrects the spirit of revolution !

  • Gloryhole Art Extravaganza – Bristol – 1st > 21st April 2011 01/04/2011 - News

    It was a meeting of minds, a cosmic collision, four near strangers met at a Bristol wall nine months ago and created a stencil masterpiece…
    Now they are back together for one of the highlight exhibitions of 2011…

    GLORYHOLE – “Where nobody knows your name”

    Featuring the wanna be FANTASTIC FOUR….GOIN (FR) – K74 (USA) – SPQR (UK) – Stickee (Some other planet)
    If you’ve been hibernating this winter, this is the time to don your slacks, grab some garlic and head down to southville in your Rolls Royce, you will not want to miss this show from these fantastic four experimenting artists.
    Who said ‘Street’ was dead, the streets are well and truely alive South Side! In the words of some french tart, “I will only say this once”